Essential requirements for packaging

"The essential requirements check; a simple 3-step plan to have your packaging file in order. Be prepared for the future!"

What are the essential requirements?

When you market packaged products as a producer, you will have to come up with the most suitable packaging. This is an important consideration of packaging form, the degree of necessary protection, preservation, ease of use and of course sustainability.

In order to guarantee a minimal environmental impact of the packaging, there is an 'essential requirements' law (European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste). For example, packaging should not be heavier than necessary. By selling packaged products on the market, you indicate that your product meets the essential requirements. However, you must also be able to demonstrate this. Your government therefore asks for a packaging file.

Revised requirements

On November 30, the European Commission presented new plans to combat packaging waste within the EU. Simple proposals, but with major consequences for the packaging industry. For example, stricter conditions are imposed on (the use of) packaging and Member States are obliged to maintain a packaging file for each packaging type.

3-step plan essential requirements

1. Check essential requirements

Does your company meet the essential requirements? We perform a check for each packaging type, so you quickly know whether your packaging suffices.

2. Formulate and/or correct

We formulate in accordance with legal requirements, in the form of a packaging file. In this file, information and substantiated choices are documented for each of your packagings about;

a) Packaging composition
b) Reusability
c) Recyclability

Is your packaging not adequate? Then we write a recommendation of points for improvement that is in line with legislation and policy of the organization.

3. Report

Your packaging file is in order when requested by your government.

The packaging passport

A packaging file for essential requirements is a component of our packaging passport. Are you interested in the advantages of the packaging passport for your organization?Read more about it here.

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