Our methodical full-service approach, creativity and knowledge of technology are a guarantee in designing successful products. From idea to implementation.

DESIGNMASTER innovation sprint

The DESIGNMASTER innovation sprint is an easy, visual and affordable solution for brainstorm sessions. We digitally visualise your structural packaging ideas in real-time in 3D. In order to inspire and to discuss more effectively about various packaging questions.

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Product design and packaging design

Product innovations and improvements are mainly affected by society, politics and business. We look at these aspects in all our work.

However, the consumer determines whether a product will be successful or not. Companies that better understand the needs of the consumer and implement these needs in product design and packaging design, are more successful.

A successful product stands or falls with a well-thought-out proposition and an appropriate design. Based on our 'value by design' approach, we design relevant consumer products and packaging.

  • Consument insights and market research
  • Design studies
  • Concept development
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Product engineering and packaging engineering

Product and packaging design is always guided by technical requirements and limitations. We start each project from the technical and financial wishes of our customers. Thanks to our technical knowledge and creativity we always find a suitable solution.

  • 3D CAD engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Testing
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Project management towards industrialisation

New developments are emerging very quickly. It is therefore important to communicate with the right suppliers at an early stage. As an independent industrial design agency with knowledge of the latest techniques, we connect our customers with the right suppliers for a smooth transition towards production and implementation.

  • Supplier management
  • Process optimalisation
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Packaging consultancy

How can you match a business case with the product and packaging? When you make definitive choices too quickly, this will have long-lasting consequences. We support our customers in making the right long-term decisions; from product, supply chain, production and sustainability.

  • Sustainability research
  • Packaging check
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