Product Design

For our customer in the food sector, we design consumer products with added value. We always focus on three key elements: design, ease of use and sustainability.

Emmi All In One Fondü

Consumers spend less time cooking. Convenient solutions are rising in popularity. For the Swiss company Emmi this has been the reason to reinvent the cheese fondue.

The new Emmi All In One Fondü effectively combines product and packaging, and was launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Ready-to-(h)eat - quick, easy and delicious cheese fondue at any time!

Sustainable Kitchenware

Most kitchenware is not designed for long-lasting usage. The products are either subject to technical failure, or lack real emotional value.

Within a long term project we are developing more sustainable kitchenware solutions for consumers and the industry. Inspired by bionics; lightweight and durable.

Double-walled Drinking Cup

Together with Naber, we created the ultimate drinking experience in foodservice and to-go. A development we patented and sold.

During development, the products quality, sustainability, presentation and usability were of great importance. Through the double-walled construction the cup is always comfortable and safe to hold. Moreover, the cups are 100% recyclable and producted CO2 neutral.