Packaging Passport

"Nowadays packaging – a complex and diverse theme - demands a lot of attention as a crucial part of your product. A clear vision on packaging is essential to react quickly and adequately to new developments in the market, demands of your customer, and new regulations."

The power of the packaging passport

The packaging passport provides valuable insights within your organisation about packaging, packaging process and packaging use.

Based on these insight we will identify short- and long-term goals together.

Compulsory packaging file

New legislation on the reduction of (plastic) waste, such as the European single-use plastics directive (SUP) and the revision of the essential requirements for packaging, are having a big impact on the world of packaging.

Your packaging should meet strict requirements, in order to guarantee the most sustainable solution. For example, packaging should be designed to be as light as possible. As a food company, you must be able to prove that your packaging is the most optimal solution. This should be documented in a packaging file.

Read more about the essential requirements for packaging here.

Why is it important?

For your organisation

It is an effective tool to achieve set goals.

For daily operations

It helps to plan important business and developments on time.

For communication strategy

Communicate your approach and status of development to your customers.

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